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Thread: Tales of Irian (Rewrite) Chapter 1

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    Tales of Irian (Rewrite) Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    A New Vale on Throne:

    The rank known as the Vale was always a rank feared by all. Only the cruelest, most deceptive and evil beasts could be 'honored' with the title. The current Vale on throne was named Watchman, and he was the most corrupt Vale of all time! What was even worse was that he had a son. Amrin set a new definition to the word evil, and one day he vowed that he would be the Vale. Other then having the title of the Vale, the Vale also wore a completely black cloak, complete with hood, to disguise their appearance and had strange powers.

    Watchman Vale, being the current Vale on throne, wore the black cloak and robes. Watchman Vale tucked the small peice of rolled up paper that was 'the package' into his robes hidden pockets and leaned against a small whithering and burnt tree. Yellowtooth the thief stood in front of him, long knife drawn and in a battle stance, snarling at the rows and rows of armed vermin charging him.

    "Never trust a Vale!" Yellowtooth roared as him and his small reballion charged the mass of Vermin. Swords clanged, Spears jabbed, sheilds swung, and bodies littered the floor, most bodies being those of Yellowtooth's reballion. Finally, Yellowtooth spun around, looking at the horde of vermin surrounding him with weapons drawn.
    "Halt!" The soldiers followed their lord's commands and halted. "Let me do it." The sound of sword being drawn from scabbard rang in the now silent snow covered hills outside the mountains of Darganoth.
    Watchman Vale stepped into the front of the sneering horde, a long black steel sword in paw. The sword was legendary. It had poison running all about it, and if the blade didn't kill the victim, the poison would. The blade point raised. "I have some things to say to you.. first, never try to cheat someone with my power, second, never try to lead a rebellion against me, and last," The sword moved forward in sync with the Vales paw raising. "give the lord of hellgates my regards." Yellowtooth deflected the blade point, but as Watchman Vale raised his paw, Yellowtooth was hit by some unseen force. That was the 'strange power' of the Vales. The Rat theif soared backwards, rolling painfully on the ground, and uttered one groan before he was turned into a literal pin-cushion of arrows from the Vales army.

    "Tahahahahaha woohhahahahaah tehehehe!"

    Earsplitting isnt it?

    Anyone want a scone?

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    intersting.....write more please.
    I think during this time we are all warriors. Whether we like it or not. -Rose, Redwall season 3-

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    Actually, that's not the end of chapter 1, but I had to go to bed, and couldn't finish. Heres the continuation.


    Blood covered the snow where Yellowtooths body had been, and a long trail led to where the body had been tossed off the side of a cliff into a river below.

    The Vale was cursing and reprimanding the vermin who had shot Yellowtooth, and his sword was waving through the air wildly. "You fools! I was going to take him one on one! Have you ever heard of a thing called an honorable deathmatch? You fools!!!!" In one swipe, a rat who had opened his mouth's head was rolling down the side of the hill. "Anyone got anything to say?" The vermin shook their heads pleadingly.

    The vale stormed away, black cloak flowing on the light breeze. A similerly cloaked Rat stepped in front of Watchmans path. "Ha, Well done grayfur!" The Rat's voice was rank with mock.
    Watchman sneered. "What do you want, brat?"
    This was Amrin. "Your sword and cloak, ugly. You did a wonderful job dealing with those rebals. I think you should of just payed the theif and let him go, but no, you had to be greedy. Your a horrible Vale."
    The Vale grumbled. "Not now, I'm busy with other matters. The soldiers inside Dargonath will probably be hunting for us soon, so let's get rolling."
    "Whatever you say, scum." Amrin pulled his hood over his face tighter and walked off a little bit to the left, towards a small tent made of leather.

    In an hour, the massive horde was marching away from the mountain regions, moving towards the south and to other lands to conquer.

    While they walked, Amrin approached his father once again. The Vale picked up on Amrin coming towards him and looked over his shoulder at his son. "What do you want? I can smell your stench from a mile away, brat."
    Amrin hissed. "By the fang, Watchman, what are we doing?! We have a map of Dargonath! Why don't we just invade now! Why are we moving south!!!!"
    The vale cackled. "Because, the forces of Dargonath would be expecting an attack now. After conquering a little bit of the southlands, will return and strike them at full force. Until then, I'll be familiarizing myself with the maps of Dargonath fortress. Now shut up and get back in line."
    Even though the Amrin was rebalious and hated listening to his father, he nodded and went back into the ranks of Vermin.
    The vale smiled to himself. All is going as planned...

    "Tahahahahaha woohhahahahaah tehehehe!"

    Earsplitting isnt it?

    Anyone want a scone?

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