Urso Brunov and the White EmperorPenguin USA has released their Fall 2008 catalog and, with it, the cover to Urso Brunov and the White Emperor, a new plot summary, and a sample of Alexi Natchev's artwork!
A tiny bear, a colossal adventure

In the middle of a wintry night, deep in the forest, Urso Brunov hears a cry for help carried over the cold winds. Wolves are on the prowl and two young polar bears are lost in the forest. Though he may be the size of a thumb, who is Urso Brunov if he is not the Little Father of All Bears? Traversing snow-laden forests on the backs of stags and crossing wide seas atop a whale, this tiny yet brave hero returns the two lost polar bear cubs to the Land of Rainbow Lights—and is treated to a grand celebration in the land of ice before returning home in a wondrous moonlit flight on the back of a goose.

In the age-old tradition of tall tales, Redwall author Brian Jacques shows us storytelling at its finest in this spirited adventure.
The cover certainly lends credence to the assumption that the 'White Emperor' is actually a polar bear. The listing also confirms the Amazon listing was in error.

The artwork sample (below) depicts Urso Brunov with two Brunov Bears and a goose who is reminiscent of Fabalis the Bean Goose (although the coloration is wrong for Fabalis). Alexi seems to be in top form.

Urso Brunov and the White Emperor hits shelves October 16th, 2008, alongside Doomwyte.

Stay tuned to the Newsline for more details.

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