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Welcome to The Game Room!
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Thread: Welcome to The Game Room!

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    Talking Welcome to The Game Room!

    Welcome to The Game Room!

    Since "Game" threads have gotten rather large and have caused some post counts to skyrocket when they shouldn't have, I've set up this new Writer's Block sub-forum expressly for Game Threads. The added perk: no posts made inside this forum will count towards your overall post count. So, new posters can play the games as much as they want without overly inflating their post counts/ranks and thus annoying older members.

    I'll be moving all of the more recent game threads over to this forum, which should apply the effect retroactively.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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    Sweet. Spam post no longer count as posts. So there will be no more members getting 500 posts in a week. Yay.
    I notice MY post count went down a bit.
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    That's totally awesome!

    Coolio, Martini.
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    I was sorta surprised that a majority of those threads weren't locked a long time ago, but this is a much better answer.
    Vermin Mishaps! may return, eventually...maybe.

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    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for doing this Martin! Now I won't fell like a total jerk everytime I post on "3-word redwall story" or "Like/Dislike Thread".
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    Great people won't tell me I'm posting too much thanks Martin.
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    Cool! I can post posts like this!
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