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Thread: Are redwallers really good peaceful creatures?

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    Are redwallers really good peaceful creatures?

    They do seem very violent sometimes, don't they?

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    Yes, but they have to be, what with vermin invading all the time and whatnot.

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    I think once a woodlander becomes part of Redwall, getting immersed in the society there turns them into peaceful creatures (not to say they weren't peaceful before, maybe they were, maybe not). Nothing but ideals there about hard work, being nice to eachother, lots of food to eat, and knowing they're almost always safe. And they don't think about violence until Martin assigns someone to be a champion to go out and slay some vermin. For the most part, they're smart enough to know they're attacking to defend their home and friends, rather than attacking to get rid of some vermin.

    The first book has the Redwall society as I choose to remember it, where the primary concern was to defend Redwall (rather than fight vermin), to only attack as a last resort and only when provoked.

    Maybe there's something in them, like a part of Martin's personality, that tells them when they must slay vermin without remorse. Makes me believe Martin's spirit does inhabit them since they turn into real killing machines when the story demands it, which is completely at odds with the society at the Abbey.
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