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A few of my poems...
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Thread: A few of my poems...

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    A few of my poems...

    Here are, ah, some poems I did for a project. They're not Redwall related, though. Is that okay?

    Private Home

    The sight of chaos unadorned
    Can make us laugh in exultation.
    Life is something to be mourned
    Through calming meditation.
    Many sides from ev’ry story
    Meet up, joining, causing pain.
    To those who, facing jury
    Know they’ll never meet again.
    What constant turmoil brings in sleep
    In our little private home,
    No others travel oh so deep
    In the psychic rooms we roam.
    Keeping thinking locked up tight,
    All doors bolted in the night.

    A Mary Sue

    A character called a Mary Sue,
    Is one you can easily look through.
    She demands rejection
    While keeping perfection
    Yuck! Too beyond the norm makes me blue.

    On Weekdays...

    School is, oh so boring
    At half past nine I’m loudly snoring
    Feet thundering across wooden flooring
    Student’s voices, relentlessly roaring
    But not everything I’m ignoring
    I like it when we go art exploring
    Unlike soccer or football scoring,
    It may be the only class I’m adoring
    Whether outside the rain is pouring
    (And it’s much better than essay restoring.)
    Finally, a subject in which I’m really soaring!

    So, whaddya think?

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    Good Job! Great. Hope you keep up the good work!
    Click Here!

    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
    -Martin Luther King Jr.

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