It was an hour after dawn in Mossflower woods. The sun hung in the sky with creamy clouds shrouding the edges. It was the middle of the Spring of the Plentiful Strawberries, named for the abundance of the juicy red fruits. The creatures of Redwall Abbey were already milling about, trying to accomplish some task or another before breakfast started. Friar Colban and his young assistant field mouse, Charlene were preparing the breakfast of warm hazelnut scones, a salad with fruits and all manner of nuts, and cold cider to drink.
The kind Abbot Geoffrey was young compared to most other Redwall Abbots, though he was certainly wise and friendly enough. His best friend Malpine the squirrel joined up with him to have breakfast.
“Hello, friend Malpine. A nice spring morning, eh?” The Abbot nudged his friend with an elbow.
“Yes, but once little Swolla and her little gang of rascals come to breakfast it will be all changed.”
The Abbot looked around for the Dibbuns. Swolla was a little female mouse and her “little gang of rascals” consisted of Durtclaw, a small male mole, and Gumper, a strong young otter.
“Yes, those three can cause trouble but they are mostly good creatures. They have never done anything too bad.” Geoffrey opened the door to Great Hall and ran right into Swolla and her friends.
“Hello Swolla, Durtclaw, Gumper. Ready for some nice breakfast?” The Abbot bent down and ruffled their heads.
“Father Abbot, we already ate. We are gonna go out and play in the orchard.” Swolla attempted to get around the Abbot and Malpine but failed.
“Already ate breakfast, eh? How’d you manage to do that? Friar Colban and Charlene haven’t set breakfast out yet; we are early even now.”
Swolla smiled and admitted what her group of Dibbuns did. “Father Abbot, we snuck down to the kitchens early and ate some grub.”
“What? Snuck down? Grub? Oh well, at least you’re honest. This is the only time I’ll do this but go out and play and be careful, good Dibbuns.”
All three thanked Geoffrey. “Thanks Father Abbot!”
“We promise we’ll do it never again, matey!”
“Ho urr, you’m woan’t ‘ave to wurry ‘bout us’ns, no zurr!”
And with that the young ones scampered off to play.


Kanis the Vanquisher stood with his massive back leaning against the rocky outcrop. The gray wolf was the fiercest and wisest warrior in the high north lands. The massive wolf’s companions were his brother, Skak, his close friends, both wolves named Yulko and Lukkol, and a fox named Uquar. The four warriors usually kept to themselves but when they fought, they destroyed all. His eyes were mostly orange just like his magnificent cape. Under his cape he wore a suit of gleaming silver armor that included a breast plate and back plate, greaves for arms and legs, and his helmet with its hinged visor and eagle feather crest. He had a black belt around his waist with a sword hanging from it. In his pa he held his infamous flail, which had killed more creatures than he could remember. Kanis and his army lived in the Palace of Karranwolf. Kanis’s family had lived in the fortress for longer than anybeast could remember. It was a heavily fortified place, complete with battlements and watch towers. The only creatures that lived there were the muskrats, the trusted warriors of the Palace, and Kanis’s other brother, Rakknas.

To be continued...