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Comments and suggestions for "A Stormy Night
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Thread: Comments and suggestions for "A Stormy Night

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    in my head

    Comments and suggestions for "A Stormy Night

    So, do you like it?

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    To tell you the truth, I hate Sue parodies. I haven't laughed at one yet. Wait... I think I snickered a bit at the very first one I ever read.... when it was invented... in the Redwall fanfiction section of Fanfiction.net

    It didn't end there...

    Though now, I can't ESCAPE the wretched things! Some REAL writing please? Cut the written parodies, cinema was invented for a reason.

    To answer your question, I refuse to form any opinion about it, as I had skimmed over it to spot any sue-ishness.

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    Amazing. Perfect. Completely and totally awesome. One of the best parodies I've ever read.
    ~Pondlily Riverdrop, the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Parody.

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