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Thread: Jack Thompson is doomed lets celebrate!

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    Jack Thompson is doomed lets celebrate!

    Dear anyone who plays video games

    As you may have know our worst enemy Jack Thompson has a chance of getting disbarred.

    So do you think that this event makes you feel satisfied?
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    Well, I have an odd feeling. I'm glad that Jack Thompson will finally be gone. The time I stopped respecting him was when he immediately jumped on any new violent game (usually from Rockstar), thinking it'd corrupt our youth and all that, when it probably won't be that bad compared to the other stuff out there. And they're meant for gamers that can handle the content and know better than to suddenly re-enact a game in real life. I always thought Jack was overreacting.

    Then I started seeing stories where he threatened to ban games, a nasty letter to the mother of the head guy at Take Two (that's just wrong), and... honestly, it became impossible to tell truth from fiction. Anything really seemed possible with this guy.

    With Jack Thompson out of there, he won't be clogging up courts with lawsuits that don't have a snowball's chance in heck of succeeding, and we won't have to put up with front-page articles on the latest crazy thing he did. ...on the other hand, we won't have those front-page articles to entertain us, and I kind of feel sorry that he just never "got it". He could be losing his job, he didn't need to if he just knew when to stop.

    Now, maybe in some way he was kind of on to something, games are just getting more violent these days, you don't need exploding heads to have fun. I just think he went about it the wrong way by wanting to ban those games outright. I support the idea of keeping Mature games out of the hands of minors (unless accompanied by a sensible adult), and I think he should have pushed for that. I mainly support it because it never crossed my mind that young children would play Mature games, I just thought it was common sense not to do that. But then I saw a disturbing article about how children were going to do anything, even lie and steal, to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto IV when it came out.

    Plus, it's taken so long to disbar him that I can't get any satisfaction when it finally does happen. It's like waiting for Mulder and Scully to kiss on the X-Files.

    Well, at least we can still joke about Duke Nukem Forever. I know actual footage of the game exists now, footage like a few months old or so, but the game still seems as far away from completion as it did five years ago. I hope people have been writing up their experiences with waiting for the game. That'd be a good read on a Saturday morning.
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