Recently, some rumors have been circulating about Brian's post-Loamhedge book, #17 of The Redwall Series, and the possibility that it will be entitled "Racatetan".

I've been following this story closely and have had to keep a few bits of information to myself, but, here's what I'm now able to confirm for you about those rumors:

The actual title of the book is Rackety Tam, who is also the main character of the story, a warrior squirrel.

While discussing Rackety Tam with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Brian said of the title character, "Sounds like a real brawler, doesn't he? He came from the north with Wild Dougie Plum, a little Highland squirrel with a thick brogue."

Rackety and Dougie are reportedly mercenaries, which Brian describes as "selling their swords".

We can expect to see Rackety Tam hit shelves in September, 2004.

Stay tuned to the Newsline for more details.