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Thread: Concerning Potential Comradery

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    Concerning Potential Comradery

    To: Potential LPF comrades

    Welcome to the Long Patrol, the place where general discussion flows

    Yet Redwall debate moves rather slow, but “who’s online” you’ll always know

    Where we talk about life and the battles we’ve fought, with topics to rant and topics to not

    Political discussions are “a thing of the past” (with elections looming I doubt that will last)

    But the people are really what make up this place, not tales, nor songs or aimless games

    Our members are like family, the closest of kin (say you love Brian Jacques and you’ll fit right on in)

    So please stick to the rules set down by the scribes, try to harness that “noobness” that wells up inside

    And “do not” resurrect threads from 1905, just hit the new thread button and you’ll be just fine

    Hope you enjoy your stay and have a swell time, should you encounter a baby bankvole *whispers* he’s a guy!

    From: Switty
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    Are we really sure he's a guy? He could be a girl with guyish tendancies.

    Have you noticed that new members generally post a few times then disapear?
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