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Favorite Superbowl Commercials
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Thread: Favorite Superbowl Commercials

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    Favorite Superbowl Commercials

    I have 2 I really like.

    The first is the Conan O'Brien Bud Light commercial:

    And the second is the Audi commercial starring Jason Statham:
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    I'm not too thrilled about watching football games (or any sport for that matter), but there's some interesting Superbowl commercials certainly. Even though some of them will air on regular TV anyway.

    So I did a search for superbowl ads and watched the ads for 2009. As expected, many of them were weird and seemed to pander to cheap laughs (didn't stop me from liking that FedEx commercial with the cavemen though. "FedEx hasn't been invented yet!" "Not my problem."), but whatever. Anyway, my favorites:

    Doritos - Crystal Ball
    Random, sudden violence is always good for a laugh (even when it's something mundane, like Eeyore getting apples dropped on his head, a good reaction (or in this case, the loud shattering of glass) can make it all worth it). That said, I wish the second violence act got a better reaction. Like in the one Terry Tate commercial where the guy gets smacked in the face by a towel and screams in pain for a few seconds.

    Coke Classic - Avatar
    I don't know what the point of the commercial was, but it was great to see people using different avatars, and from what looked like a wide spectrum too.

    Teleflora - Talking Flowers
    Yep, definitely remembering this one for its humor.

    Priceline.com - Negotiator
    Any impersonations of William Shatner are always good.

    That Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdales, the circus one
    Of the five-hundred horse commercials that aired, this one was the standout. Yeah, heartwarming and all that, as all the horse commercials are. But I wonder why there were so many of them (actually, I think there were 3, 4, or 5). Next year I'm going to expect half of all the commercials will have horses in them.
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    I liked the one where the guy was like "Lets stop buying bud light for the rest of the [something]" or someting to that effect, then they chucked him out a window. Lol

    I also liked the one where the guy kept saying like "I win!" or something, then he always gets hit and says "Im OK.", then he leans out the top of the limo and hits his head on the bridge. Lol

    Oh, and the crystal ball one, where he throws it at the machine and gets a bag of doritos, then the one guy was like "Maybe you could get a promotion!", then the guy turns and chucks it at some dude and he gets hit where the sun don't shine.
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    I too loved the vending machine one. An RP character of mine on another site became infamous for his...confrontational attitude...towards vending machines, so I had to think of him.

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    This year the Conan one was my favorite, and here's last years winner.

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    My favorite was the Magic Fridge Bud Lite commercal I think it was in '06

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