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My Latest Redwall AMVs
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Thread: My Latest Redwall AMVs

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    My Latest Redwall AMVs

    Didn't get any comments for these on YouTube, so I though I'd see what you guys think
    "We're not doomed until I say we are!"
    --Constance, Redwall

    Cornflower: But...you're dead!
    Cluny: No...you're dead!

    My chili will kill you. My dad's chili will make you wish my chili had killed you.

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    Looking out for stories yet to be told...
    Well Cornflower seems busy.

    "Knowledge is a thing that one cannot have enough of. It is the fruit of wisdom, to be eaten carefully and digested fully..." -BJ

    “I wish to thank all the breweries who manufactured all the ale which got me so sodden drunk, that I got the inspiration to write this book.” -BJ

    Me: "Wait for it...wait for it...MARSHANK REDEMPTION!"
    My friend: "Comments section on 'Escape from Marshank'."
    Me: You've gotta spoil everything, don't ya?"
    Him: "Yup."

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