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what book should have been made into episode?
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Thread: what book should have been made into episode?

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    what book should have been made into episode?

    I would have like to see Triss or Salmandron.

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    I'm not sure anymore what other book I'd like to see made into a TV season (or "episode" as you put it. If it's just one episode, then it could be just about any Redwall moment, I wouldn't care). When I think about the different books in animated form... well, I should know what that'd look like because that's how I always imagine it when I read it (more on that later)... but to me it all seems a blur of forests and blue skies, characters talking to each other, and villains yelling war cries. It just seems foreign to imagine any of the other books adapted for the series because my mind runs wild on what the season would include.

    Taking a quick look back at the series, the character design looks angular and some of the species look a bit off. The otters in particular, I hate how they look. I liked Starwort from Season 3, but that was because of his gruff voice, he wasn't much to look at. When I imagine the characters in the books (with the exception of characters that have already appeared in the series since there were many Nelvana forms that looked great), I imagine realistic-looking animals with just enough of a cartoony look for clearly visible expressions. Either that or I accept whatever the official illustrations for them are. So the way I imagine otters is very different from how Nelvana depicted them. And because I'm so used to how I imagine those characters to look, that is why I can't imagine any other season because the characters would look so different that I'd barely recognize them. That's why I'd be scared to see a "Taggerung" season because I don't know how they'd be able to draw Tagg in their style and make him look good (or they could go the Badrang route and make him look like some other species like a meerkat). Maybe it's that I love Taggerung too much, I'd be too critical of such a season.

    If I had to pick a few books to make into seasons (other than Taggerung), I guess I'd pick Legend of Luke, Rakkety Tam (I just want to hear two Scottish squirrels, really. Nelvana's design for squirrels is pretty good, so I have high hopes for that), Lord Brocktree, and Triss. I don't have much in the way of reasons for picking them (other than I liked them), just that they had their share of interesting things.
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    Mossflower. I'm not sure why they didn't, since they did Redwall and Mattimeo, and Mossflower came out between them, and Martin the Warrior, from the same time period in the series.

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    Hmm.... I'd have to say either Taggerung (one of my favorites) or... from a movie-making perspective... Mariel of Redwall, or Pearls of Lutra. Don't ask me why, I think they'd just be better for the big screen.

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    RE: what book should have been made into episode?

    I like would like Mariel of Redwall to be an episode, because I have a soft spot for father/daughter relationships, and also I want to see what the characters look like in the Nelvana style

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    MARLFOX!! That would be a good one! Though if Nelvana just continued I would want it to be Mossflower to continue the story. Then the legend of luke, Then mabey Marlfox. lol Im reading it again for the 9th time. Go Janglur Swifteye the coolest Redwall Character ever! lol
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    Pearls of Lutra does strike me as a good RW book to be made into a movie.

    Taggerung would be better made into a TV series, especially since there are a lot of sub-plots in that one.

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    I'd say either Legend of Luke or Mossflower.

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    Mossflower. hands down
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    Well I have several books that I've enjoyed in addition to the 3 in the t.v. series. If you feel the same as I do, perhaps you should take a look at this link http://www.change.org/petitions/nelv...-jacques-books . It is a petition to Nelvana entertainment company to make additional Brian Jacque's books into episodes. Sign if you want to help!

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