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Things that are in the series that aren't in the books
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Thread: Things that are in the series that aren't in the books

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    Things that are in the series that aren't in the books

    Ivy and her circus was not in any of the books. I like the addition but was there others? Were there some that weren't so good or that you didn't like?

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    I haven't watched the TV series in a while, and I know there were a lot of changes from the book, but I don't have time to think about more at the moment. The first thing that comes to mind right now is (season 1 spoilers)

    I don't like the changes, but I know some are necessary for a television series. I don't usually like movies and shows made from books in general.
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    The first season probably had the most changes, although I can only think of three. It showed a short storyline of how Matthias came to the Abbey (I think), in any case showing Matthias's mother. Wild Ivy was completely new, but I liked her. And the timeline was switched around a bit. Cluny heard about Martin too early, like having his nightmare about Martin before seeing the mouse on the tapestry.

    Second and third seasons stuck much closer to the books, but in the third season they made Pallum female (maybe balance out the male/female ratio, but with characters like Rowanoak that shouldn't be a problem). I guess you could also say that Badrang didn't look much like a stoat, leading to the stretch that Badrang looked like a different species.

    Watership Down also fell victim to throwing a female character in for the heck of it, twice. In the movie, it had the extra rabbit Violet
    But geez, the movie manages to do that on its own. Considering a vital story point in the book, that had to be Violet's fate. The TV series ruined that by changing Blackberry to a female for no reason. But since I think the TV series abandoned the original storyline early on, there were no serious violations of plot points. It was too busy throwing in other new characters and locations.
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    In the series, Matthias tried to climb up to the weather vane before Jess arrived.
    In the book, it was nameless mice archers who shot arrows at the Sparra and the book didn't tell if they broke off the tips in the series it was Matthias and Basil who were about to shoot and then the Abbott sait not to kill any of them.
    In the book Matthias brought Warbeak up to the loft via an inside route in the series they climbed the outside wall
    In the book the seige tower was not its own attack it was part of the second assult

    Mattimeo stuck to the book pretty well but there were a few minor things that I won't bother putting down and the same goes for Martin the Warrior exept the tree felling at Noonvale and the fact that in the book the creatures telling the story are from Noonvale and in the series it is Mattimeo and Tim Churchmouse telling everybeast that they know the story because travlers from Noonvale came and told them.

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    When Jess and Basil go to save the tapestry Matthias goes to

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