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Thread: Cornflower was jeolous

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    Cornflower was jeolous

    She was envious that her boyfriend was friendly with Ivy.It is too bad that Ivy wasn't a character in the book. Or was she?I forgot.

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    I don't remember any character named Ivy in the book.

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    Ivy was only in the TV series. I don't remember Cornflower being envious of Matthias, though it might be interesting if they did that and ran with the idea. But then it would stray further away from the original story. I liked Ivy though.

    I don't even remember what happened in the "Cluny's Clowns" episode, I just remember that Ivy was in it and that afterwards she barely ever showed up.
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    Ivy was only in that one episode. I think her character was an attempt to help make Matthias and Cornflower's realationship more interesting and bring a little tension. How their relationship is in the book probably comes across as boring to some people, though I liked it. I can appreicate a sweet romance that is not dramatic.

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    why did they do wild ivy

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