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Thread: RedVenture 5 (and the RSGC)!

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    RedVenture 5 (and the RSGC)!

    I'm happy to announce that RedVenture 5: Mirage is officially open for applications to fill nine contestant spots! Applications will be open until September 22nd.

    For those that don't know, RedVenture is a series of survivor games set in the same universe as the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques. In each round, applications are opened for a time, and then a panel of judges selects a number of contestants. The contestants collaboratively write a story, and each week the vote is opened to the audience, who votes for the writer they believe is doing the poorest. Whoever receives the most votes must then exit the contest by killing their character off. This process continues until three contestants remain. The voting is opened a final time, but this time the audience votes for the contestant they'd like to see win it all. Once the winner is declared, they receive the honor of directing the end of the story.

    I am also proud to announce the opening of the Redwall Survivor Game Compendium, or RSGC! The RSGC is a wiki that serves as a hub of information on past and present Redwall survivor games. It still needs a bit of filling out, but hopefully that's where you come in!

    You may find both RV5 and the RSGC here. Enjoy!
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