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Thread: Nottin ta Eat

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    Nottin ta Eat

    Oh my tum is so empty you see,
    That it rumbles in pure agony,
    For starving I be, from me head to me feet,
    Ow I wish I had summin ta eat, yesee…..

    Noo I aint got a pasti of leek,
    Nor a swig of red raspberry tea,
    Not so much as a meek little nut in my cheek,
    I got nottin at all ta eat, oh ewee…..

    Eee says that within these trees,
    Lies more grub then we eva could eat,
    Good sir Jack has gone off to prepare us a feast
    Leavin nottin for me ta eat, yiippppeee…..

    "Nottin Ta Eat" as sung by Christen Sageworth, in a soon-to-be FanFic.
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