Posted on behalf of my husband, Vlad/the Baron. He's really the one running the show here.


Here ye, hear ye!

On this day of Primary 2nd, 1793, His Most Imperial Majesty requires all citizens of Bouillabaisse Harbour to take up arms against ye most perfidious foe to defend and uphold ye Honour of ye Imperium.

All such concerned citizens, thus armed, should report to their local Fogey Station, Stoatorian Guard barracks, or Imperial Ministry to be assigned duties for ye defence of this grate city.

Citizens! Be on your guard! For the invading armies of the upstart Emperor of the South are even now drawing nearer to Vulpininsula! Our heroic beasts of the Imperial Navy set sail sail against them even as we speak, but with the loss of the Tookumberry Quays to the invaders, we cannot allow our heartland to fall into their grasp because we were unprepared.

Fear not my friends! Admiral Jelliko will lead our fleet to victory, the invaders will be scattered! But our foe has no honour, they will likely use many tricks and deceptions, sabotages and other skullduggeries. The citizens must be vigilant for traitors in our midst, even your own neighbour could be a spy for the enemy! All concerned citizens should report suspicious activity to their local Fogey Station, or to the Ministry of Misanthropy.

Citizens, I urge you to sign up for Imperial service! Your Imperium needs you! Please visit for how you can do your part, and to co-ordinate our defence.

No surrender!

(The Emperor's Decree II is a survivor contest hosted by Terrouge and organised for the VI by Vladimir Ullyanov and Aria F. Nocturne. Applications are now open, and more information can be found on the TEDII website linked to above, and also on the official TED forums at )