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Thread: Favorite Redwall Pairings

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    Favorite Redwall Pairings

    Which is your favorite Redwall (book and show) pairing? Mine are:

    Martin & Rose,
    Matthias & Cornflower,
    Mariel & Dandin, and...
    Felldoh & Celadine

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    My favorites, in both the book and cartoon are: Martin and Rose, such a sweet/tragic romance.

    Mattimeo and Tess: I enjoyed how they grew even closer together throughout the story.

    Matthais and Cornflower are good too.

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    This should probably go in the Books forum, since it's about Redwall in general, and not just the show.

    I don't usually come up with pairings that aren't in the book (and I'm not sure if you were only talking about relationships that actually occured in the books/show or also including relationships that we wanted to see that didn't actually happen).

    I think I liked Martin and Rose, and maybe Song and Dann (if I'm thinking of the right characters It's been a while since I read that book).

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    Again I can't decide, have to stretch what's allowed, and spend hours on a post. I don't mind. You probably meant "pairings" as in suggested romantic interests, but I'm going to use a few different kinds and rank them individually.

    ROMANTIC (married or seemed more than friends)

    1. Martin + Rose (Martin the Warrior)
    In absolute terms I think it's the best pair the series has ever had, although what I noticed was a strong friendship, one of if not the strongest, to the point that getting romantically involved didn't seem right. In any case, this relationship's been discussed and paid tribute to SO MUCH that I'm tired of them due to oversaturation. Which is sad given how influential they seem to be.

    2. Tarquin + Hon Rosie (Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker)
    Although you rarely saw them together, they were two enjoyable hares that seemed right for each other. Hon Rosie definitely stood out in a crowd and lent some good humor, and she had that laugh of hers. But I found Tarquin more interesting, with his frequent mentions and songs about Rosie. Regardless the merit of the songs, since not all hares are known to be great singers you know, he really seemed passionate about them. It made me want to see the two together, if nothing else than to see two charming hares in the same scene.

    3. Matthias + Cornflower (Redwall, Mattimeo)
    Much of this is due to the scene where Matthias cries at the tapestry and Cornflower has a small reassuring talk with him. It was the only scene in the series where I felt I was there, feeling Matthias's shame, his embarrassment at Cornflower showing up, and the calming reassurance as she spoke. Beyond that... well, Cornflower was surprisingly resourceful in helping to protect the Abbey, and more so in "Mattimeo", so the two mice share time in heroic duty. It's easy to get behind a pair that's willing to fight together, even if they're at two different places at the same time.

    FRIENDS (pairs that seemed to get along well)

    1. Matthias + Basil (Redwall, Mattimeo)
    It's impossible to recreate that first experience when Basil introduces himself to Matthias. Here was a charming, kooky fellow whose strengths and expertise made him appear like an invincible ally. Much the same feelings as when Gandalf announced he'd be joining Frodo on the quest to Mordor in LOTR. But Basil was also lively and never failed to cheer up Matthias. Matthias couldn't have asked for a better friend.

    2. Tagg + Nimbalo (Taggerung)
    I felt they worked so well on many levels, but foremost it's due to their unique individual qualities. Tagg can't slay a beast unless necessary, and Nimbalo's a habitual liar/exaggerator. They're the type of pair that isn't normal enough to easily mesh together, a ragtag team of two if you will. It helps that they look great and have some great lines between them. I apparently don't see this sort of team often because they were memorable enough for me to put them at #2. There were other teams too like the trio of Maudie, Osbil, and Rangval in "Eulalia", but we're talking about duos here.

    3. Mariel + Tarquin (Mariel of Redwall)
    Seeing these two together on the German cover of this book says it all. They were good friends, and great characters on their own. Mariel's the most feisty mouse I've seen, and Tarquin's the most pure example of a Redwall hare (aside from Basil) I've seen. There's one moment late in the book I remember most, a moment that always signifies friendship to me.
    One of my favorite pairs overall.

    4. Folrig + Ruddle (Outcast of Redwall)
    This is a pair who I always say stood out most in the book and were awesome characters, if only I didn't keep forgetting their names and what book they came from. They may have had a small role, but they were my favorite part of the book. *reads book for relevant passages* Yep, rowdy friendly fellows who kept hurling playful insults at each other, what's not to love? Sometimes simple friendships are just as precious.

    5. Sunflash + Skarlath (Outcast of Redwall)
    They're more on this list for how cute it was to see a badger and bird together. After all, the audiobook cover and the back of the American cover both show Skarlath perching on Sunflash's paw. Sadly I don't remember their friendship well, I just remember Sunflash being my favorite male badger because he's not war-minded, so I can't say anything more.

    RIVALS (pairs that didn't get along)

    1. Badrang + Clogg (Martin the Warrior)
    The idea of two villains fighting among each other made me squeal in delight. Adding to the joy was what I imagined to be Clogg's frequent mood swings. That and I misread part of Clogg's description and thought of him as a thin dashing fellow - a stoat version of Captain Jack Sparrow. Like the version of Clogg on the Russian cover (or I'm assuming it's Clogg). Bickering makes for great reading.

    2. Ferahgo + Klitch (Salamandastron)
    Ferahgo and Klitch is where I thought they nailed the strained father-son relationship. Klitch has just the right resentment of his father, he chuckles when Ferahgo's in pain (great touch), and yet doesn't overshadow Ferahgo either, allowing both to work together. That leads to great opportunities of bickering and mischevious planning. As an aside,

    3. Kurda + Plugg (Triss)
    They're on the list because, again, it's an opportunity to see two villains arguing among each other. And Kurda had good reason to considering what she was put through, making for an enjoyable encounter. As to whether they're good as a pair... well, yeah. They didn't seem too interesting by themselves, but putting them together changes that.

    COMPANIONS (pairs that were friends but bickered between them)

    1. Slipp + Blaggut (The Bellmaker)
    I knew they'd be in first considering Blaggut was way too nice for a vermin. That was a great dynamic in itself of Slipp constantly berating his comrade. That is, until I started rooting for Blaggut.
    I had the misfortune of reading "Bellmaker" before "Mariel of Redwall" so a lot of the book meant nothing to me. Which must be why any scene with these two was like a shining beacon of enjoyable writing. Their relationship as it were led to a really powerful moment, and helps prove that while I usually don't care about vermin, the moments when I care is when I REALLY care.

    2. Doogy + Yoofus (Rakkety Tam)
    Their arguing was so funny and entertaining that it quickly became a highlight of the whole book. Doogy's a hothead to begin with, Yoofus is an unapologetic liar and goofball. Sounds like a winning combination! The best example was

    3. Fleetscut + Jukka (Lord Brocktree)
    A hare paired with a no-nonsense squirrel, casting glares of death Fleetscut's way. I couldn't ask for more. But it wasn't just the hilarity of Fleetscut dealing with a squirrel that hated his guts, because the hare was the traditional goofy sort which made the exchanges funnier. What I found funniest of all was a brief scene where

    4. Dingeye + Thura (Salamandastron)
    They weren't in the book for long, but they left a lasting impression. Here were two vermin that were goofy enough to be seen as harmless (I love their "hurr mucker" pirate impression), which in itself is charming.
    Despite the many other powerful scenes in the book, I remember this pair most and caring about them.

    5. Tammo + Russa (Long Patrol)
    Partly for the idea of novice Tammo being given a crash course in survival tactics from expert Russa, which is that mentor/protector aspect that worked so well in other books, but also because Russa doesn't seem to really like Tammo, leading to a fun dynamic where she has to put up with him because they'll be traveling together for quite a while. And... that's about it.
    Faux Pas - It's wild and domesticated reading!

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