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Thread: A Slaver's nightmare[Pass-a-long story]

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    A Slaver's nightmare[Pass-a-long story]

    This is a story about the otter who is supposedly killed by slagar's gang at the start of Mattimeo, but lives and is bent on getting revenge on the remainder of slagar's gang.

    1] No good vermin
    2]No wolves or Wolverines
    3]Keep it redwall no dogs and don't get too Exotic
    4]Must contribute at least a chapter and no more than a chapter


    A young ottermaid heaved herself from the mud. She vowed that she would find the gang and slay them one by one! For she was Munka Riverwar daughter of Keesar, Chieftain of the Riverwar clan.
    She fashioned a Javelin for Herself she would call herself Munka the Javelin. she would make a reputation of slaying vermin and freeing slaves. After making it onto the top of a hill she crouched low. Two ferrets wielding crude spears sat around a fire. A mouse, About Munka's age was tied to a stake driven into the ground.
    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Not members of the vile fox's gang" She thought to herself. She decided to get a closer look so she sneaked along the brush to see if she could get closer to them.

    "Wha' do ya mean yo' ain't got no vittles?", growled the larger of the vermin with a rusty saber in hand with its point at the chin of the young mouse. "Yea!" said the smaller vermin as he ruffled through a small sack which the mouse was carrying. "I..I packed l-li-light!" The young mouse stammered out, petrified in fear, cross eyed to look at the point of the blade that was less than a inch from his nose.

    "You lousy worm!" the larger vermin spat out, "Us'ns need vittles or Grunga gets mad!"
    The smaller one laughed a heckling laugh as he drew his small knife and took a step toward the mouse. "Big ol' Grunga here gets mad when he doesn't eat!" The smaller vermin nodded to Grunga who grinned as he pushed the mouse over and put one foot on his chest. "Should I mak' this on' quick like Veril?" Grunga asked as he arced his blade in the air. The heckling laugh of Veril sounded out but turned into a squelch as a javelin point protruded from his front. His corpse hit the ground with a thud as he became motionless.

    Munka the Javelin quickly withdrew the javelin from the corpse and by the time Grunga and his small mind had the time to realize what happened, she had time to aim and throw her trusty weapon straight at him. It hit him square in the chest. Grunga's expression of confusion still lay upon his lifeless face as he hit the ground.
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    Munka took Veril's knife and cut the ropes, then helped the mouse to his paws. "Lucky thing I came along," she said. "What's your name, mate?"

    The mouse retrieved his sack, trying not to look at Grunga and Veril. He still looked rather
    shaken. "Simon. What's yours? Are you a warrior? Can you fight foxes?"

    "I call myself Munka the Javelin---and aye, I'm a pretty good fighter. Now I'll ask you some questions. Where were you heading before those vermin jumped you? You seem to have packed in a hurry," she said, noting the contents of Simon's sack as he repacked it. "And what's this about foxes?"

    "After the foxes attacked us, I escaped to look for help---"

    Munka held up her paw. "Wait, you'd better start at the beginning."
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