Board Name: The Myths of Redwall

Genre: A mutli-genre RPG board for experienced RPers and writers

Age: There is no age limit, however, we do want people who take writing seriously and people who have been roleplaying for several years and know what they are doing.

Board Link:

The Myths of Redwall is a fantasy roleplaying board that incorporates both the animals from the Redwall series and the real world, along with mythical and fantasy creatures. Before you diss the board for not being a 'traditional' Redwall RP board, hear me out. Over the years Redwall roleplaying board have been dying for years, whether it be the fact people have grown up and moved to college or simply lost interest in the subject.
I have created several boards, namely Alder's Holt and the original Myths of Redwall and have had my share of busy times and lack of activity, but I felt Redwall was always lacking, how to put it, more pizazz? Think of it, instead of fighting weasels and stoats all the time, you can have your mouse battle a goblin. You and your friends can go searching for the lost magical sword of what's-his-name in the dragon's lair. Redwall can be attacked by an army of wereats flying on gryphons. The possibilities are endless and exciting. So come on and join us over at the new and improved Myths of Redwall and let's have some fun.
The only requirement I have is that you have some fictional writing experience. If you are looking to brush up on your skills or are new to fictional roleplaying and writing, we have a training area where our administrator can help you brush up or work on your craft. So please, click the link above and we hope to see you soon!

Feel free to spread the word around guys.