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    Long Overdue, Chapter 16

    Chapter 16
    The fourteen remaining rats jumped the seven corsairs. Zemmerug jumped out of the way and into the bushes. Deddclaw stabbed a rat and wounded another. Waggy managed to crawl out of the pile pretty much unharmed, other than scratches. His cutlass was painted in rat blood.

    "Hahar, goin' somewhere, ferret?" Said Orig, as he stepped out of the pile, also unharmed. Spyg followed closely.

    "Haha, cummon, coward! Attack us!" Taunted Spyg. Waggy lunged Spyg, then quickly ducked while stabbing upward. This cost Spyg a finger.

    "Ahh! Finish th'scum, Orig!" He shouted, in pain. Orig swiped and lunged, missing almost every time as Waggy fought him to the bushes. Spyg was following Waggy, pitifully missing every swipe he took. Waggy ducked a sweep from Spyg that disarmed Orig. For the first time in his life, Orig felt the cold claws of fear grisp him, as Waggy slashed downward at him. Ducked the slash, but then he felt a paw grab him from behind. The same happened for Spyg, as both rats, unarmed, were pulled screaming into the bushes. Terrible screams and calls for help were then heard, and then the bushes fell silent and stopped wriggling.

    "Hahar, good ole Cap'n Zemmerug!" Said Waggy as he leaped back into the fray. Deddclaw stepped over a slain Burrel as he lunged Fligg. The nimble rat ducked aside, crashing into Stukkworm. Stukkworm was really no use for fighting, and was often posted as lookout on the ship. He wailed pitiously as the rat fell on top of him. Stukkworm then tripped and fell, landing on Fligg! The rat came to, kicking Stukkworm off him.

    "Aha! Yer the slimey stoat we was chasin'! Ole Orig'll be moighty glas win ah cum back t'him with yer 'ead on mah blade!" Fligg snarled, swiping at Stukkworm.

    "You kin tell Orig tha' yew failed, scum!" Shouted Waggy as he ran Fligg through from behind. The rat managed three words before he died:

    "Y-yew killed Orig!" Deddclaw stabbed at a rat, and missed. The rat laughed.

    "Takes more'n tha' t'kill Chief Gutra!" Said the rat. He then slashed at Deddclaw, narrowly missing him the sword went crashing into another rat. The rat fell dead, and Gutra scoffed.

    "Hah! Weel, ah ne'er loiked 'em any'ow!" He said.


    Whitepaw was slashing mercilessly at the water rats with his dagger. He opened his eyes to see four dead.

    "Hahar! Theres on'y five left, includin' the Gutra 'un!" He said, in delight. Gutra came forward, the four water rats, following fearfully.

    "Hahar, yew killed mah gang, did ye? Ye killed Orig, Spyg, Burrel, Rivenhide, Fligg, an' Gillpaw, eh? Yew think we're done, do ya, eh? Well, we're no doon yet, wavescum! Charge!" Shouted Gutra, as he ran into the corsairs, his rats following. Zemmerug leapt from the bushes on to Gutra. Deddclaw, Burglebuber, and Hogtoe between them finished the last four rats. Gutra threw Zemmerug onto the ground and was about to stab him when Burglebuber, the young weasel, leapt onto him, and brandishing his dagger, he stabbed the back of Gutra's head. Gutra screamed in pain and fell, dead.

    "Y-yew saved th'cap'ns loif!" said Hogtoe, astonished.

    "Yew saved m'life." Said Zemmerug "Wit'd'ye want en return, m'lad, eh?" Asked Zemmerug, trying to be fair.

    "Ah wanna be free from this corsair crew. Ah wanna git me own crew, an' thin mebbe ah'll git me own ship, eh?" Said Burglebuber. Zemmerug sighed. He was fond of the weasel and didn't want to let him go.

    "Ah, alright, mate. Go on, keep th'dagger. Off wit ye." Said the corsair captain, watching Burglebuber run off into the woods.


    Brother Bruckle ducked as an arrow flew over his head.

    "Looks like they've decided to chuck arrows at us!" He declared. Skipper and Foremole Howp strode into the bedroom.

    "Yurr! Oi'm a thinken oi know ee answer to ee varmints shootin ee arrers at us'ns, zurr." Said the Foremole.

    "Well, speak up then! I'm eager to hear how to save my abbey!" Said Abbot Sonjo, who had quietly walked into the room whilst Bruckle and Howp were talking.

    "Weel, farther h'abbut, oi wuzz thinken we'd chuck ee things back at ee varmints, zurr." Said Howp.

    "Yes, but, what'll we throw?" Asked Sonjo.

    "Easy 'nuff t'figger that'n out, father. We'll throw anythin' 'ard! Ole Gooch 'n' me threw a cauldron filled up with bricks at an' old 'un. 'E was tryin' to get us to surrender!" Said Skipper. Sonjo nodded.

    "Get Twoggo in here, he's a good thrower. He probably has some old barrels we kin throw at the vermin!" Said the Abbot.


    Atran smiled cunningly.

    "Get Grimlock to take six spear-rats an' break doon th'doors! If'n they still stan' affer they's doon wit et, then yew an' six others kin take thar place!" Ordered Atran to Bigwart. He nodded and strode off. He gave the order to Grimlock, who obeyed. The rat lieutenant took the six rats with spears and began stabbing at the door. It was a thick, and strong oaken door, and when the first rat stabbed at it, his spear snapped.

    "Argh! We kin't git through! Et's thick as yer 'ead, Grimlock!" Said the rat, and that turned out to be his last words.

    "Shuddup, deddbeast! I ain't thick, y'ear mah?" Said Grimlock to the rat, who was laying on the ground, his eyes staring at a sun he'd never see again. Just at that moment a huge barrel fell from the window, knocking all six rats senseless. The barrel kept rolling, and soon found the main gate. Just outside the main gate was Atran's camp. It had several tents in it, large tents. The barrel crashed over one, and Zradj came stumbling out.

    "Who threw dat? Methinks ah'll kill d'beast wot threw dat!" He shouted, waving a spear. A nearby rat kicked Zradj.

    "Yew idjit! Can't ye tell dat et rolled from th'abbey?" He said. Zradj spat at him.

    "Hah! Ah never saw nuthin'! Methinks yer goin' off yer rocka, old one!" Zradj came back.

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    Long Overdue, Chapter 17

    Chapter 17
    Three rats stumbled around the woodlands, unwitting heading for the corsairs. Zradj, the other rat, and a young rat about fifteen seasons old were the rats. They had been sent to forage for food as a punishment for the argument.

    "Gah! We ain't findin' no viddles 'ere. Methinks we try d'stream." Said the younger rat. Zradj cuffed him.

    "Yah! An' risk gettin' caughts by da rivermousey? Ah'm th'leader o' this foragin' party an' ah says we stay away from da wa'er." Said Zradj.

    "Heh. Who elected ye as d'leader, eh?" Asked the other rat, a fat, older one.

    "Methinks ah did! Yew want t'challenge et, fat one?" Asked Zradj. The fat rat made mock fear.

    "Oh no, Cap'n Zradj. Ah don' want t'challenge yer authority. Weel, may'aps ah do!" He said.

    "Hold yer tongue snotnose!" Yelled Zradj. This woke up Zemmerug and the crew.

    "Methinks sum beasts are here." Said Stukkworm. Hogtoe agreed.

    "Aww, was dat 'ard t'figger out? Go an find out who!" Said Zemmerug, sitting up. A moment later, Hogtoe, Stukkworm, and Waggy brought back Zradj, the young rat, and the old rat. The ferret kicked them to their knees. Zemmerug curled his lip.

    "Wot? 'Tis all ye brought? T'ree liddle rats, eh? Cummon, me cullies, stan' up an' lets see ye fight!" Said Zemmerug, scornfully to the rats and Waggy. Waggy was smart enough to know that Zemmerug only wanted to fight the rats. They were terrified at first, but when they realized it was three against one they picked up that vermin attitude.

    "Ha! Can't ye swing that cutlass any faster?" Asked Zradj, as he attacked the weasel with his spear. He was cut down swiftly by Zemmerug. The young rat stabbed with a dagger. He was the most nervous of the three, and ducked backwards after his thrust. The fat rat swung wildly with his scimitar. It clipped the weasel's ear, as the younger rat attacked Zemmerug from behind. The weasel ran the fat rat through and turned to face the last. Seeing his two comrades slain, the rat lost his nerve. He broke into a pleading wail.

    "Waaah, Cap'n, ye wouldn' 'urt mah, would ye? Please don't 'arm mah, 'twas Zradj an' Bellog wot did et!" He sobbed.

    "Shaddap! Methinks Cap'n don't want ter 'ear ye wailin', scringeyface! Now, make y'self useful or ye die slow!" Said Deddclaw, toying with his cutlass. The young rat understood and began blabbing away.


    A huge, hulking fox and an even larger stoat sat close to Swigg, the rat chieftain of Bregg's former gang. The original leader had been slain during the fight. The gang of ragtag vermin had rebelled against Atran, and now were camped at the southern side of the deserted orchard. Swigg consulted his two bodyguard.

    "Wilgg! Git Frazka! Tell 'er t'keep slingers an' archers firin' at th'rat-scum! Keep thar 'eads down!" He ordered. The fox ran off. He turned to the stoat.

    "An' yew, Glirj. Git yore mate, Grinclaw, an' figger out a plan t'kill off d'rats an' take ova d'abbey. I ain't no good at makin' plans, on'y fightin'!". The stoat left, with his skinny, old mate. Frazka was an old ratwife, not very good at anything except healing. She ordered three rats, a weasel, and two stoats horsely.

    "Yarr, keep shootin' dem arrers. Do et faster! Cummon, that 'uge fox tol' mah to boss ye around, so methinks ah will!". Frazka was disliked by all, and would be long dead if it wasn't for her healing abilities. She could not fend for herself during a fight, so killing her would be easy. However, the band of vermin were afraid of being injured, and she could heal almost any injury she saw. One of the stoats, a hulking beast, kicked at her.

    "Yew shaddap yer big fat face! Ah'm slingin' at me own pace, an ah don' want ter be ye if'n yew keep shoutin', bossytooth!" He said. Frazka backed off a few steps and countered.

    "Weel, ah don't wanna be ya if'n Cap'n Wilgg finds yew slackin'! Ah'm actin' on orders, scum! Consida me a cap'n!" She said. The stoat just spat and continued. He would never have killed her, he just hoped to scare her. Knowing this tactic had failed, he continued letting loose arrows. Every missile that had been launched missed. The rats soon figured this out. They, under the command of Bigwart, Grimlock, and Atran, charged. The slingers and archers were taken aback, and fled in shock. They scattered, only the big stoat, and an old weaselwife were going in the direction of the camp. Frazka fled at an angle towards the rats. She was old, and slow. Bigwart immediately caught her and killed her. The other slingers and archers perished, leaving the rats following the stoat and the weasel to the camp! Glirj saw them coming.

    "Chief, weasel anna big stoat issa comin'." He said. The two vermin thundered in, panting and shouting.

    "Rats onna charge! We under attack! Killyem all! Swwiiiggg!" Said the stoat, as he ran into the middle of the gang's camp. Swigg drew a small sword and yelled.

    "Cheeeaaarrrgggee! Swwiiiggg! Killyem, Swiiigggg!" Shouted the rat band-leader as his vermin ranks passed him. Glirj, and Wilgg, being close pals, stayed near each other, slaying any rats that got near them. Grinclaw, Glirj's mate, and Zurak, a vixen were stabbing and swinging with their spears. Two ferrets and the big stoat lay slain near them. Tripping over their bodies, Zurak fell and was instantly killed by a rat. Grinclaw avenged her, but she herself was becoming cornered. Bigwart leaped at Glirj, determined to kill the huge stoat. The stoat slashed at Bigwart with his broadsword, killing him. Bigwart's slashed body fell, his face made even uglier with a large gash going across his forehead. Wilgg had taken on five rats, and slew them all. Suddenly, the battle was stopped. By a huge barrel that fell onto Wilgg's head, killing him. This unwitting saved Grinclaw's life.


    Twoggo had dropped a barrel out the window. Foremole Howp was in the dormitories, where all the warriors were, directing the abbey beasts.

    "Yurr, Woggle! Chuck ee spear doon onto ee vurmints! Ee h'otter'll retrieve ee weppin, zurr!" He shouted, as Woggle dropped the spear. It hit a weasel, who screamed and fell. Skipper was down in Cavern Hole, watching the doors shake. The rats and vermin, who had once again teamed up against the abbey, were battering it again. Twoggo Cellarhog swung his bung mallet expertly.

    "Ha! I says we fight 'em! Lead a grand ole charge into th'lawns!" He said. The abbot shook his head.

    "There's too many, friend. We'd all be slain!" He said, soothingly. Twoggo nodded.

    "I guess your right, father." He said quietly. Two squirrel brothers, Favrun and Ferval, were expert archers. They shot down, slaying many a rat.

    "Ha! I got two inna row! Beat that, Ferv!" Fav would say.

    "That's nothing. I've slain two with one arrow! That makes eight, total." Said the other.

    "Eight? Is that the best you can do? I'm at twelve!" And so on. Sonjo marveled at the squirrel's proficiency with the bow.

    "You two will be fine warriors, one day!" He'd say.


    Eight of Bregg's Gang remained. They had seen the battle going against them, and broke off, retreating. Swigg was among them. Atran saw this.

    "Git th'ragtag vermin! They's runnin' away!" He ordered. Grimlock and four others charged them. two ferrets and a stoat fell and were killed by the rats. The remaining five escaped. Distracted, more rats joined the chase. However, this looked like a retreat to the abbeybeasts.

    "They're running away! Get 'em!" Shouted Skipper. Howp and the otter ran out with full crews, and Twoggo came along. He swung his mallet, ending a rat's life. The rats were in dismay. The otters, moles, and the hedgehog were very tough. Many fell, or were trampled. Swigg, Glirj, Grinclaw, a ferret, and a weasel escaped. Atran and Grimlock, with two hundred rats stormed out of the gates. The rest of them had been slain! Favrun and Ferval were chattering away, debating on how well they had fought.

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    Long Overdue, Chapter 18

    Chapter 18
    Skipper slew a rat with his javelin.

    "Close the main gates!" He shouted. Gatekeeper Nitts, a fat male watervole, did this.

    "Yurr! Ee vurmints be runnin' aways! Ee h'abbey be's saved!" Shouted a joyful Woggle. Abbot Sonjo nodded. Once the gates were closed, the redwallers began cheering joyfully. A dibbun vole named Ziggle shouted out.

    "H'feast! H'feast! Us needza feast!" He shouted. Sonjo turned to Friar Gooch.

    "Sounds like a grand idea, friar! Begin work on it at once please" said Sonjo. The friar agreed readily. He bustled into his kitchens, with two mice and a squirrel. They were his assistants.

    "Well, get to work my friends! We have a whole abbey to feed!" Gooch was heard to shout. The Abbot laughed.

    "He'll work their tails off!" He chuckled.


    Atran was not pleased with his rats. Only two hundred had escaped. He shoved Grimlock.

    "You are useless, Grimlock! You are no longer the valuable jewel, the officer, the warrior you once were! Ye must be gettin' old. Bring Bigwart to me, and go sit with the other rabble!" He said. Grimlock shifted his paws, nervously.

    "Er, lord... Bigwart 'twas slain by th'vermin band. That lot unner dead ole Bregg." Said the lieutenant. Atran kicked Grimlock until he was laid out on his back.

    "Slain? The only captain I had that was useful, slain? Get your useless paws to work then! Get them rats marching! We are going recruiting, to lay siege to that abbey! We'll starve 'em out." Said Atran, partly in dismay. Grimlock nodded and began working. The rats began marching eastward into mossflower. Grimlock took fifty of the rats, and began turning northward. The rest stayed with Atran.

    "Ha! If'n we split up we got more chance o' findin' vermin t'put unner our command! Ah'm nay as useless as ole ratface thinks." Said Grimlock under his breath.


    Glirj was displeased with Swigg's leadership. He had seen Swigg running away from the abbey, going straight north.

    "Yew nothin' but a tiny cowwid! We needs a be'er leader, one wot kin fight!" Said the hulking stoat. Nobeast dared to argue with him, except Swigg.

    "Who promoted ye an' yer silly foxy friend t'be cappins?" said Swigg.

    "Who got pore Wilgg slayed?"

    "D'redwallers, a course!"

    "Nah, 'twas yew! Yer useless, rat! Shaddap an' lit me take d'lead o' diss band!" Swigg pretended to be defeated.

    "Weel, ah guess yew've got mah. Yer da leader now, Glirj. Spare me!" He said. Glirj let down his guard, however, after seeing this, Swigg drew his broadsword and ran Glirj through. This all happened very quickly, the stoat had not moved since he had dropped his dagger. He gurgled, in horror at Swigg.

    "Yew.. slayed.. m...." He said, but he never got to finish. He then fell, the broadsword being plucked from him by Swigg. Grinclaw glared at Swigg.

    "Yew nasty ole fool! Murderer! Yew've killed me mate! Yew've jus' gained death, rat! Ah'll kill ye wit yer bare paws, ah will!" She shouted. The rat casually shrugged.

    "Wot ever. Yew git near mah, an' ah'll slay ye like yer mate."


    The abbeybeasts were celebrating, and cheering. Skipper and Favrun each claimbed to have slain the most beasts.

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