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Thread: Brian's TV Introductions

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    Brian's TV Introductions

    Those who saw Redwall when it aired on PBS originally about 13 years ago, you probably saw Brian perform introductions to each episode. You can read the transcripts for about half of these on the RWTV website here, but it doesn't seem like they have been preserved in video form. About a year ago on the Redwall Abbey website, we started a search for VHS recordings of early runs of Redwall that would have these introductions. LordTBT, who has been searching for the introductions for much longer, posted a request on the Redwall Wiki and its Facebook and Twitter pages for these VHSs. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of that. I just wanted to bring this up over here. I think it would be cool to finally have these introductions for a new generation of fans.

    Here's the topic on Redwall Abbey. My explanation there is a bit more in depth and you'll see some of the ideas we've had for finding the introductions. There's actually a point where we almost found some of them.
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    Iím surprised these havenít been found yet. However, given the fact that these came out in the age of VHS, Iím sure there are copies in the wild of all of the introductions. It has to be easier to find than the lost episodes of Doctor Who or MST3K. If anything, PBS probably has them locked away in a vault somewhere. Maybe if the Redwall movie comes out and itís a smashing success, the animated series will get a rerelease with them on it.

    Hopefully they do show up, as I'd love to see them.
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