One aspect of Redwall doesnít get enough credit, which is Brianís masterful use of comedy in Redwall. Mossflower is a dark and dangerous place, but Brian alleviates the heaviness of death and combat with a healthy dose of humor. Either the characters are lightening the mood with jokes or songs, or there are pratfalls or moments that ease the tension. Even amongst the vermin, there are a few baddies with a sense of humor that help shade them from being all brutes.

For example, while Iím not a dibbun fan, Bagg, Runn, and Grubb are hysterical in their antics around the Abbey, even while under siege. The constant banter between the two otter brothers provides many moments of entertainment for me, and itís a shame they disappear in The Bellmaker, as their absence is missed. Even Durry Quill has some great quips, usually his homespun wisdom learned from his ĎNuncle Gabe. I love that his companions donít mock him, but are amused by it, even egging him on during their adventures.

What are your favorite comedic moments in Redwall?