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Riftgard Script font...finally!
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Thread: Riftgard Script font...finally!

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    Riftgard Script font...finally!

    I know this place has seen more lively days than of late, but I feel like doing this anyway.

    I made and put up for download a useable Riftgard script font. Here's the link:


    Just click download, if that doesn't work, right click it and open in new tab. Hit save, then double click on the file and then hit install. open word or whatever and check it out under "Riftgard"

    It should be similar to that on most windows OS's. I am not sure if it works for Macs.

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    That's awesome work Schröder. Thank you for spending the time working on it and sharing it with us.

    And while it is quiet here, I always check the forums every week. If there's a discussion going, then I'll do my best to participate to keep the forum going.
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