Over the past few months, I've been learning about the history of choose your own adventure books (or game books). It's an interesting genre, with multiple ways to craft an interactive story that involves the reader as the protagonist. The CYOA books gained popularity in the early to mid 1980's, lasting for over a decade until their popularity waned. They're still being published today, though not as much as in their heyday.

Growing up, I was more familiar with the Choose Your Own Adventure series, as well as the Goosebumps CYOA series, where you simply went through the book and made choices on branching paths. Recently, I've discovered a whole different kind of game books that add RPG elements into the narrative, with books like the Fighting Fantasy series, Sorcery, and Lone Wolf (illustrated by former Redwall artist Gary Chalk). These are single player games, with stats and fights determined by dice rolls.

What surprises me is that, as far as I know, there were never any attempts to publish a line of Redwall game books. That's a shame, because there's so much potential for Redwall game books. On one hand, you could play a book guiding an established character through a new Redwall plot from beginning to end, maybe going so far as to choosing between going on a quest, or stay back and defend the abbey. You could also go the Lone Wolf direction of creating your own character, and following them through multiple books and different quests.

Redwall quests feature many different encounters, battles, and puzzles in their stories, which fits a game book perfectly. You could be on a quest and run into a riddle. Solving it might take you down one path, while failing might involve battling or getting captured, with more choices from there. And with all the deaths in the Redwall series, there'd be many ways for the heroes to meet unfortunate ends and encourage going back to try again.

The RP part of a game book would also work with the Redwall fandom, given how many of us have created our own characters in the past. You could roll a character, and take them on different adventures besides online stories.

Other book series have had their own game books, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Redwall to have its own CYOA series. I've encountered CYOA books for Goosebumps and Chronicles of Narnia, so there is a precedent.

Who knows, maybe one day someone could take the Redwall license and make a series using the world of Mossflower. I'm sure there have been some fan created Redwall CYOA stories, but it could be fun to see one that mixes story with dice rolls.