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Thread: What's up Redwallers

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    What's up Redwallers

    So, friend and I were randomly talking tonight about how cool mustelids are and I thought of this forum. Lo and behold, not only does it still exist, but I also still remember my login credentials!

    How many people are still around? What have you been up to? This is the first post I've made in about 5 years, I think. Me: I decided a few years ago to go for my Ph.D. (in behavior genetics!) and am almost done, so ya'll can definitely refer to me exclusively as Dr. The Assassin in the near future.

    How is everyone?
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    Hey, almost Dr. The Assassin (unless you've graduated prior to the date of this post). I hope you are doing well. Like you, I just dropped in on a whim, I haven't been here in years. I miss hanging out here, many fond memories and all. Work is keeping me busy at the moment, but definitely considering going back to school for my masters: what in? God only knows.

    I hope you are doing well. Any other members around? It'll be interesting to see how many of us drop in.
    Guess who.

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    Bit late here, but I also just dropped by on a whim and was hoping for a post like this! Nostalgic being back, and seeing some of these names and old posts. I'm 25, working at a bank in Canada.

    Anyways, thanks for the post, hopefully we can get a few more back for an update

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    I randomly decided to have a look for this place again and can't believe it still exists!

    Seems reddit is the place for discussion now, though I was and still am more of a lurker.

    But nice to check in and bookmark this for posterity.

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