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Redwall Cook Book Quote
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Thread: Redwall Cook Book Quote

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    Redwall Cook Book Quote

    Here's a quote I found in an online article, concerning the Redwall Cookbook:
    Following that should be the long-anticipated Redwall cookbook, for which Jacques did all the recipe testing himself on family and friends in Liverpool, his home. He even whipped up a "deeper en ever, turnip, tater and beetroot pie" - a specialty of Redwall's moles - for 40. "They ate it all, and I told them 'they were good 'ungry creatures,' " he says with a roaring laugh. The book is divided into seasons with a story written around the recipes.
    So, it's not just a cook book, though I guess the story won't be anything epic, more along the lines of "A Great Redwall Feast" and "A Redwall Winter's Tale" in length and complexity. Once again I hope this hasn't come up before, but I don't remember having heard this already.

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    glad to have a new Mac.
    Did it say when it would be coming out?

    And a story along with the recipe! So it would tell the story of Redwall cake!
    Get out of my mind, idea! I already have another idea in my head that I am working on!
    Don't you just hate it when you have an idea, don't write it down, and you lose it?
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    Mmmm...Hotroot Soup...
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    *goes into a daze* Turnip n tater n beetroot poi, O et bes gudd fer a choild loik oi!

    I can't wait for that to come out! I've always wondered about the recipes and how to make them, especially all the trifles. Trifles taste awesome, but I haven't ventured to make one yet because the recipe appears to take forever. And a story too! How spiffy!

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    *joins in with nora's ranting* shrimp 'n' hotroot soup.......MMMmmm *dreamy look*

    Sounds cool, except knowing me i'll give everyone in my house food posioning with my cooking 0.o
    ~ YdAl EzLeEb

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    There wasn't anything by it saying when it will come out. However, we've known about it for a while so there might be a date of release around somewhere, perhaps in the news post for release dates over at The Official Site

    Edit: It was described there as "in the works". Maybe they're getting it illustrated.

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