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Thread: 'Triss' discussion allowed; 'Loamhedge' forum created

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    'Triss' discussion allowed; 'Loamhedge' forum created

    Earlier this month, Triss hit the shelves in paperback, meaning there is now no excuse for not reading it. As such, the Bookshelf's spoiler ban on Triss discussions is now lifted and the book may be discussed as freely as Redwall and Mossflower are.

    All threads from the old 'Triss Discussion' sub-forum have been moved to The Bookshelf and they've been merged into the topic listing according to date. If you'd like to dig one up, run a forum search or just browse.

    In Triss Discussion's place, we now have a 'Loamhedge Discussion' sub-forum for all things Loamhedge (out today!). All threads about the book itself should go in there-- no spoilers allowed on The Bookshelf!

    Threads theorizing about Loamhedge (such as Keyla's posts about the reviews) are fine, however, and may continue.
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    O.K thanks.

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    Lord Mask, please stop reviving all these old topics. It's very bugging.

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    Uh, Lord Mask? What exactly was the point of that post? I mean, it would have been pointless even when that was first posted, but a few years afterwards? That's just spammy.
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    Lol, thanking him for a 2 year old topic...that's a wee bit odd don't you think?

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    Forget it. I shouldn't have posted. I would've been insulting.
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