Urso Brunov Brian's latest picture book, The Tale of Urso Brunov, has been released in the United States and is now available at bookstores nationwide.

Illustrated by Alexi Natchev, The Tale of Urso Brunov is about Urso Brunov, the Little Father of All Bears, who is no bigger than the size of your thumb. When a mustached monster captures four of Urso's bears and puts them in his zoo, Urso sets out to rescue them. Along the way he must match wits with a tribe of boars, teach manners to a billygoat, skim across the Deep River on a wooden flute, and confront the Lord of All Sands!

The Tale of Urso Brunov is 44 pages long and boasts beautiful illustrations by artist Alexi Natchev. It retails for $16.99.

Stay tuned for The Long Patrol's forthcoming review of The Tale of Urso Brunov.