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Thread: Favorite Voice Performance

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    I liked Badrangs voice for some reason too. It was a good villian voice. I think it was the same as Slagar's.
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    They weren't the same voice... Diego Matamoris did the voices of Cluny and Badrang, Slagar's voice was done by Tim Curry. Both are great villain voice actors and both are among my favorites from the shows...

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    Matthias (1st season...haven't seen the 2nd season yet!), Martin, and Basil all have good voices...Those actors deserve a round of applause! Also, Cluny, Cheesethief, and Chickenhound all had good (Or funny, in Chickenhounds case) voices. Warbeak's was okay, Cornflower and Rose's (1st) voices were well-done, too. Portrayed the feelings they had for the hero, while still giving them a feminine beauty and a sense of independance...I don't know, I like them all, but Matthias (1st), Martin, and Basil always stick out.

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