Mission Statement of Redwall Center

Our aim is to provide an interactive gateway to the Redwall Online Community, one that is friendly to new people, while easy and accessible to older members. We also wish to encourage creativity in the ROC. A brief description of our projects includes:
-aggregation of news from the entire Redwall Online Community
-automatic member and site databases
-friendly gateway page with chat and forum
-automatic login to many Redwall sites
-provide free Redwall webhosting that is ad-free and better in quality than almost all free hosting providers
-provide a fan art, poem, and story database accessible to all

The RWCenter Project is estimated to be completed by spring, but that may, of course, change.

Free Redwall Webhosting

We aim to promote creativity in the Redwall Online Community, without such hindrances as advertisements, bandwidth and disk use limits, and limited services. We provide Redwall webhosting free of charge, and with services that people would usually need to pay for. Here is a brief description our service:
-no advertisements
-no limit on disk use
-no bandwidth limit
-prompt service
-no 'catch', except for common decency rules
-services such as PHP, MySQL, CGI, and FTP access

If you wish to sign up for webhosting, please visit our signup page. If you are already hosted by us, here is a link to all our services, like webmail, database administration, web-based FTP, etc.

Home: http://www.rwcenter.net
Signup: http://www.rwcenter.net/signup.php
Services: http://www.rwcenter.net/services.php
Terms Of Service: http://www.rwcenter.net/tos.html